• Image of Homeless - EP (Vinyl)

The second vinyl by THE SATELLITES!

Since THE SATELLITES disappeared after what was possibly a catastrophe on flight 29052014 they have not been seen. Now the leader of the exhibition received this limited extended player by the crew. Is it a notification sent to earth?

All songs on this medium are written and performed by THE SATELLITES themselves!
Next to the title track HOMELESS, which speaks about prejudice, there are also the tracks OH OH BABY and FLY HIGH, which are about love.
The A-side ends with the track GARAGE PARTY. As a special it’s just available on the present vinyl. It is a tune about a specific location on earth. In this venue THE SATELLITES played one of their first shows. From time to time they even return to this garage.
Is this a hint that the crew will return to earth again soon? Keep your eyes open! The organization of “Exhibition to Earth” is thankful for any clue…

The EP contains 4 tracks.


Die EP Homeless von The Satellites.
Homeless enthält vier eigene Songs auf Vinyl. Das besondere ist dabei, dass der Track "Garage Party" nur auf dieser EP erschienen ist.

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