• Image of Crash Landing - Album (CD)

The second album by THE SATELLITES!

The committee of investigation is still not sure what happened during flight 29052014 and the crew with the codename THE SATELLITES. The flight was part of the secret mission called “Exhibition to earth”.

Three days after this catastrophe a rescue squad was sent to the crash site to explore for more details.
As they arrived curiously they found nothing. No trace of the crew nor parts of the wreck could be located. THE SATELLITES were gone!
Solely a box with some tapes in it was found. What was that? The box was titled with the slogan “Recorded at Homeless Studios”. Inside there were some tapes. Now you’ve got these tapes in your hands, labeled “CRASH LANDING”.
Since that accident the crew is yet to be seen around the planets. So check out their latest records and look out for clues …

The album consists of 11 tracks.


Das zweite Album Crash Landing!

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