• Image of The Space Sessions - Full Album (CD)

The debut album by The Satellites.

Packed with guitars, doghousebass, drums and harps THE SATELLITES started their journey through the wide world of outer space. Arrived in an area between different galaxies they started recording a session on Homeless Studios in an old printing company they discovered. Due to some vintage recording techniques and a cosmic ray recorder, powered by solar energy, there appeared a gravitational sound and even a bunch of vibes of an intergalactic space with billion of light years, which captured the whole body of men. So they decided to bring this material to earth.
Now you’ve got the chance to give this interstellar mediums a listen – THE SPACE SESSIONS on CD and especially two supernova tracks “SATELLITE BOP” and “TINY SPACE MAN” on 7”!

On CD you'll hear the whole journey in 11 Tracks!


Unser Debut-Album mit 11 supernova Songs!

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